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Without Embarrassment is about to change all of that for you. My methods of attracting women will show you how to develop a casual, seductive personality that an amazing number of women will find magnetic. Clever psychological tactics will improve your odds of successfully making emotional connections with women at every step along the path of courtship and seduction — from the moment that a girl first catches your eye, to the thrill of winning her heart and bedding her!
This book is written with humor and a conversational style based on my own personal experiences dealing with these very same intense fears. My low pressure methods of quietly attracting attention to yourself by designing an aura of personal male power makes it extremely safe even for the man who is very shy around women to operate with a quiet, powerful confidence.
You’ll learn how to make fantastic first impressions that will instantly draw positive feedback that makes you more confident with women… converse with a purpose to get the date or phone number that you’re seeking… know when to say exactly the right thing at the right moment, etc. ….[more details]

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