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If your pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you can’t… what does he tell you next? I can tell you it’s to make some kind of “compensation” in your swing to make that shoulder turn. The result is less power, moremiss-hits and an even MORE complicated swing… that you can’t repeat. The solution. All you needed to do was a simple stretch or strength movement to solve that particular problem. It’s that easy! That’s the way your golf improvement approach should be. Simple. Easy. With quick results. No more “band aid” swing adjustments that don’t last. Just simple tips and techniques you can apply immediately and see results! n fact… I’m so confident about the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide… that I would go as far as saying even one of my simple golf stretches or golf exercises could increase your drives by up to 20 yards… almost overnight! The beauty of getting your body fit for golf… is you don’t have to swing harder to hit it farther. In fact, you’ll swing MUCH easier… and watch those tee shots blast down the middle of the fairway …[more details]

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UltimateGolfFitnessGuide.com scam

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