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If you are wondering about REVIEW, Stephen & Bill reputation, or…is SCAM or The Real Deal? You’ve come to the right place. is a Coaching System that will attack your mental roadblocks and get you back into fighting form. We won’t waste your time with any fluff. From the 1st page through the last CD session, we’ll share our best insider-secrets to mastering the mental game of golf. There are a few different ways to be hypnotized. There’s stage hypnosis where people are convinced they are chickens and do ridiculous stuff on stage. There’s therapeutic hypnosis where you are placed in a deep trance where you lose track of time and wake up later unaware of what you said or did. And last is waking-hypnosis. We use this in the Renegade Golf System. You simply listen to Bill put you into a light trance. We use the light trance to convince your subconscious to start working on improving your golf game. At the end of each session you’ll feel relaxed, focused and ready to play a serious game of golf! The great part is that you can use the hypnosis whenever you need to sharpen your focus, relax or heighten your awareness …[more details]

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