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Let me tell you how that might be possible. Your child with Asperger’s may have social difficulties as well as a wide range of learning challenges. Your child is not alone; experts are estimating that one in 150 American kids has Asperger’s or another form of autism. That means that there is at least one such child in every school—and in many homeschools. The e-book contains useful suggestions on how to parent your Aspie, including: Our “point system”. Our chore chart. The rubber chicken game. Social skills coaching. Dealing with bullies. When to consider homeschooling, and when not to. And plenty of recommendations for further reading. Above all I believe in encouraging your child—finding his strong points, and giving him a sense of competence from an early age. “Learn the parenting secrets that brought her to the great self-confidence level she has today …[more details]

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