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If you are wondering about Minding Your Game™ REVIEW, Scott Verplank’s long time coach, Bob McIver – Mental Game Technologies reputation, or…is Minding Your Game™ SCAM or The Real Deal? You’ve come to the right place.

This is a breakthrough game improvement mental game coaching package, With written material, video and audio coaching you get the most comprehensive, multi-sensory mental game coaching available on the market today. Bar none!. Learn how to create inner confidence that isn’t dependant on how well you’re hitting the ball; The power of effortless focus and how this is the doorway to your lowest scores; Play from an effortless state which allows you to “score” even when you feel like you’re not playing well; Master your imagination and experience the rush of playing carefree, fearless golf!; Understand the #1 key that never lets you quit, no matter how you’re playing. True mental toughness; The incredible, score crushing power of your subsconscious mind; Mental imagery processes that peak athletes and Olympians use to be at their absolute best; The hidden vault of Whole Mind Golf – you’ll play with twice the effectiveness when you use youre entire brain!…[more details]

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