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MBPNinjaAffiliate.com is MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, a WordPress plugin that was developed by Pawan Agarwal. This plugin is set up so that it will automatically convert keywords on your blogs into money-making affiliate links. In addition, you can also cloak your affiliate links, track them, and manage them from your WordPress text editor. One purchase of the plugin allows you to place it on all blogs that you own or may start in the future. There is a lot of positive feedback regarding, blog owners have seen a rise in clicks and sales for their affiliate links and they state that it is because of the “keword to affiliate link” feature. A simple to use plugin that will allow you to maximize your sales and see where you are wasting your time is a great benefit for bloggers – if you are trying to get a better income from your blogs then this plugin may be exactly what you need …[more details]

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MBPNinjaAffiliate Website: MBPNinjaAffiliate.com
MBPNinjaAffiliate.com Creator: Pawan Agarwal

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MBPNinjaAffiliate.com scam

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