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Sure, you can eat mono-meals—mangos for lunch, melon for dinner—but what if you’re lazy AND you love “real foods”? What if you like decadent raw desserts like lemon meringue pie, carrot cake or chocolate pudding—but don’t have an extra 4-15 hours of prep time? What if you crave Mexican rice, salmon, or sushi? Does that mean you’re willing to spend 3 hours in the kitchen? I think Steve Pavlina put it best when he said, “Just because I’m a raw foodist doesn’t mean I want to become a gourmet chef.” And that’s just the food prep side of things! Raw food diets really do demand some education—especially if you want to avoid complications down the road. As an Intuitive Life Coach who happens to be a successfully Lazy Raw Foodist, I receive a lot of requests for recipes …[more details]

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