Is Genius Brain Power Scam?

Is Genius Brain Power Scam? or Even The Real Deal?

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Genius Brain Power by Cameron Day demonstrates how to take advantage of brainwave entrainment technologies. Brainwave entrainment uses computer-generated rhythmic shades to guide your brain into a particular frequency. Whenever you guide the brain into a you can hear, you can experience “whole brain functioning” that is generally only available to geniuses. When you advice the brain into a lower rate of recurrence, you can induce a deep condition of relaxation.

The average person utilizes simply 10% of his or her brain. Imagine how much more that you can do should you understood how to use more of it! That’s exactly what you will learn from Genius Brain Power. This program gives you audio shades that may help you release your brain’s complete possible.

Genius Brain Power comes with more than 20 hours of audio compacted in to 30 brainwave entrainment tracks. You’re going to get monitors that will help you improve your IQ, assist you to unwind plus much more….[more details]

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