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Following their dog, Noble, died, simply 4 years of age, Andrew Lewis, the author associated with Dog Food Secrets, discovered that it had been commercial dog food which triggered Noble’s renal system failing and finally dying. Outraged at this discovery he devoted Three years of their life looking into dog food business. What he or she found out had been surprising, as you would expect. The majority of commercial dog food contains at last 6 lethal chemicals (long-ago banned all individual foods), that can cause a number of different types of most cancers, liver and renal system failing, hair loss, allergic reactions, behavioral issues, or perhaps loss of sight.

In the book, Dog Food Secrets, Mr. Lewis explains the way you should feed your dog. By making sure your dog is actually consuming the proper associated with meals (and in the right amount), your dog is going to be more healthy, happier and live longer. However it’s not only about the actual food. For ideal health your own dog must follow a complete healthcare regime its entire existence. All the details required for this particular will also be included in the Dog Food Secrets….[more details]

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