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The GPS Robot has already proven itself to be really profitable to us and all our betatesters. Now you have a chance to become a part of our happy money making family! These so called forex gurus will tell you whatever you want to hear, brainwashing you with hype-y salesletters offering instant profits overnight. They sell you black boxes, forex robots with closed algorithms that keep you totally unaware of how it works. And when you can’t influence your trading you simply go with the flow! Imagine forex as a mountain river. Many people jump in, drop some cash on deposit and let some blackbox robot trade for them. The “go baby go!” approach. They don’t know and don’t care what strategy is behind that. And when they finally realize that they are moving in the roaring water and Niagara falls is 3 feet from them – it is too late – the account is already blown!….[more details]

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