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The ultimate secret to getting good at golf, or indeed any sport, is a concept that I used to scoff at. But during the 12 months this “secret” slowly revealed itself to me in a number of extremely profound ways. I found it in a vast amount of different sources too. Not just from the obvious places that a golfer would look, such as at Tiger Woods, but in an article about a golfer with one arm and one leg who plays scratch golf… he’s actually a better golfer now than he was BEFORE his accident! I came across it again in an article about Donald Trump and, perhaps most notably of all, I had it finally and very strongly reinforced the night before I finally shot par. I guarantee that if I hadn’t grasped this concept properly I simply would not have been able to break par. It’s that important. If you only pay attention to this one thing thing you’ll change your golf forever …[more details]

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