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It’s Your Guide To Helping Ageing Parents Say Safe & Secure While Living At Home. All in help You and Mom to learn and know Information on how to get walking sticks and wheelie frames; How to quickly and easily set up legal frameworks; How to find out about other equipment and aids; A checklist of things you can do around the house so it’s safer; A starting point so that you can begin immediately to take action to make your parents safer, rather than putting it off again; How to get help if they fall over inside or outside the home; A checklist for choosing a new local doctor if you need one; What an Aged Care assessment is for; When you should organise respite and how to do it; 5 Questions to ask your local doctor when you go for an appointment; Risk reduction strategies that you can link in with the community; What bed sticks are and how they help you move in bed; Essential items to take to hospital in the case of an accident; How to get help with bedwetting and continence aids; What hip protectors are and how they work and where to get them…[more details]

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Ageing At Home scam

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