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Write A Novel In 60 Days That Will Sell is not just about Mystery books. I may be known as a Crimewriter, but in my time I’ve written just about everything and this guide is for every single person who aspires to write. Whether it be Crime or Mystery, Adventure, Family Sagas, Romances, anything – and I even help you decide what kind of novel you should be writing. If only I’d had something like Write A Novel In 60 Days That Will Sell to help me when I first started! Before I wrote my first novel, I was flat broke, out of work and living on a friend’s abandoned bus. I’d not written so much as a shopping-list before then. A Good Year For The Roses was published, incredibly well-received, sold lots and set me up in a career that has been rewarding – in every sense of the word – ever since. In the 20 years that followed, I’ve learned an awful lot more about the secrets of writing. Let me share my knowledge (and quite a few tricks of the trade) with you…[more details]

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60DayBooks.com scam
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